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Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Elise Goertz

Posted on April 18 2018

Honest question…

Why do we have so much stuff?

Do you ever wonder how it all gets there? You know those tired items you completely forgot about or never remember getting in the first place? We all have them. Fast fashion has changed our cultural mentality towards clothing. Clothing trends have sped forward and are constantly changing. “New and fresh” seems to be valued over “quality and longevity.” But have you ever noticed how the “new and fresh” soon becomes the weird, pilly, shrunken old sweater in the back of the closet?

 As women and mothers we all know that clutter is exhausting. So why are our closets any different? Why do we want “more more more!”, when more actually means mess and confusion.

Growing up I had a friend whose mother instigated a rule in their household: if you bought or received a new item of clothing, you had to get rid of something else. Of course this meant giving the rejected item to a friend or donating it if it was in good condition.

I always thought this was brilliant and have tried to keep up with the same rule in our own home, but it has sometimes been hard to keep up. However, as this spring approached I have been itching to do a thorough spring clean of both my home and closet.

This week I did just that. Once I dug in to my wardrobe I realized I was only wearing a handful of items and keeping others “just in case”. Some of these other items have been sitting for over a year. These garments were the first to go! I went through the rest and kept everything that I loved and have worn in the last 6 months or so. I split these remaining items into seasons and put away (in a drawer under my bed) anything that I did not deem as “spring appropriate”.

At this point I felt a lot lighter! I had cut down garments originally available to me by almost half. However in doing so I noticed some gaps in my wardrobe. This is when I started to make a list of needed items that would compliment my current garments and help make complete outfits.


Most capsule wardrobe experts recommend shopping only once a season. By doing so you will be able to choose higher quality items and not over indulge in fast fashion highs. You can create a plan and cohesive wardrobe that can be flexible and work interchangeably. This will also help you save money in the long run and you will come away with a wardrobe you love!


When making my list of garment needs each season I first try to plan out outfits in my mind. I try to decide what looks suit me best and express who I am. I am a basics girl, but with a flare for some artistic accessories here and there! This being said I make sure that all of purchases compliment my true style. I also try ensure that the items I am planning on purchasing align with my values. I look for items that are produced in a way that respect humans and the planet, or at the very least, I will only shop brands that are making strides in that direction.

Once my list is complete I do some online research to see what my options are. Pinterest is great for this! I then make a budget and its time to buy! By putting together outfits ahead of time and only purchasing what I need, I now have complete outfits that I love. Getting dressed in the morning is a joy! 

My shopping list included:



Some items I already had to complete these outfits:



Just as a fresh clean home really does change the atmosphere and your state of mind, a fresh clean wardrobe will help you start the season right. The garments we wear help express who we are. Personally, would rather have a few items that I love and feel good in, than a closet full of endless options. I love to be comfortable and confident in my own skin; and lets be real, the right outfit sure helps!



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